Former U.S. Army Jazz Trombonist Learns Brutal Lesson…

“Cracks The Code ― And Now Helps Internet Marketers Blast Their Sales and Profits Through The Roof!”

From the Desk of Mark “Elmo” Ellis:

Dear Entrepreneur,
Ever get baffled, frustrated, even blood-boiling mad when your ad copy fails to convert the way you want it to?

Does your mind get "jacked-up" and confused with endless ideas when you try to write copy for your sales page?

Exasperated? Overwhelmed?  Feeling drug-out because writing for yourself eats up too much energy and precious time?


Do you get knots in your gut when you've paid hard earned cash for advertising copy and it comes in late and over budget?

Do you hate working with project-dominating, egotistical copywriters that expect big money for their services while frustrating you with their lack of communication?

Sound familiar? If you’ve been done dirty, or tore-up from trying to spend time and money getting your ad copy to gel just right, then keep reading, because the solution is close at hand.
How I learned about ad copy ― the hard way…
Ten years ago, I was a jazz trombonist in the U.S. Army.  I had a great family, and a home with a view of the Alaskan mountains.  Life was good.

One day, out of the blue and without warning, I was blind-sided.  I received the “royal shaft” from the military because I was getting downsized out of my job, with a mere five years until retirement.

Getting laid off like that really sucked.  I had a wife and kids to take care of, bills to pay and I was scared, depressed and hacked-off at the same time.  I felt like a total loser because my family was depending on me and I had no back-up plan. 

After a 3 month search, I finally landed a job at half the pay, no benefits, and little opportunity for promotion. We were suddenly living at the poverty level, surviving from paycheck to paycheck.

 I really hated being a loser ― at everyone’s mercy, and I vowed never to let it happen again. So, I set a goal of building my own business. 

Nobody said it would be easy...

Launching a business is tough and it’s even tougher when your business experience is zilch.  I still couldn’t get past the sting of losing my career, and it made me more fired-up than ever to make it work.  Since the Internet was “the next big thing” I decided to use it as a vehicle to sell music apparel and accessories over the Web. 

However, it took a long time to make any sales because I didn’t have any marketing smarts or experience. I knew I had to be in this this for the long-haul. For years I worked my business hard, learning all I could about marketing on and off the Internet and eventually sales picked up, but my conversions weren’t enough to make my income solid.

Here’s where things changed…

My “ah-ha” moment occurred when I read a book on writing sales letters.  The idea of selling using nothing but words on a page blew me away, and I suddenly realized how powerful a weapon this would be in my marketing arsenal.

I focused like a laser on my new found passion, devouring every book I could read on writing ad copy.  I desperately needed a victory in my business, and I began crafting my first sales letter campaign.

I had a lot riding on my new direct mail strategy because I was running out of money and if it didn’t work, I would have a very hard time looking my family in the eyes. I wrote the letter, made copies of it, and sent them out to a targeted list. 

I prayed that I’d done the right thing.

The response was mind-blowing! My copy converted so well I had a hard time keeping up with demand.  I immediately saw I had learned a valuable lesson, probably the most valuable lesson since I started my business, and that was…

Well-written, persuasive ad copy is the key to selling just about any product or service!

From that day on, I made a pact with myself to become a persuasion master ― spending tons of time and cash learning how to pen gripping sales letters that convert and get prospects to open their wallets.

How can I help you?

You no longer have to bang your head against the wall trying to figure what to writeBecause I’m now your “Go-To-Guy” for copy that helps you launch, drive, and convert your rabid market into a solid flow of cash.


If you’re confused about where to start or what you need to have written…

I’ve got ya covered.  I have extensive experience in researching, planning, and outlining copy that converts consistently.

If you need copy that’s on time and on budget…

I’ll work with you on setting these issues at the onset, so that we’re both on the same page of music.

If you’re worried about working with a “prima-donna” copywriter…

I’m not just working for you, I’m working with you.  I’ll keep you updated daily on my progress so you’ll never feel like you’re “outside the loop”.  Your input will be a major player in the composition of your copy. 

Here’s how I can craft your own sales page and get the conversions you so desperately need…

·         My “Seize and Pull” credibility components are so cram-packed full of benefits, interest, and influence, prospects will impulsively yank out their credit cards to send you cash…pronto.

·         Using a “Slam and Dunk” setup, I’ll make your offer a maverick, showoff, and attention getter so much… it‘ll jump out from the noisy market place… get read ―and convert!

·         Using a potent call to action is ultra-important.  My “Diamond Bullet” CTA will seize the sale and bring you a response rate so high ― you’ll panic trying to handle it all!

·         Using my skills as a Certified SEO Copywriter, I’ll use “Bait and Hook Intel” so your copy will lure qualified prospects with juicy keywords ―easily hooking them  for what you have to offer.

Now, here’s something to think about…

If you’re launching a serious ad campaign and looking for a writer who can bring in higher conversions and increase your sales, then I’m your man. 

However, there’s a catch…

Since you’ve taken the time to read this far, then you’re no doubt very serious about hiring someone who will help you write your ad copy...

 And since you’re very serious about your business, I’m sure you can understand why I would only want to work with serious entrepreneurs myself. 

So, to be totally honest with you, until we can talk on the phone and I can get a reading on what your expectations are, I won’t know for sure if we can work together.  Usually, there aren’t any reasons not to move forward, but until we talk there is no real way of knowing.

And besides, it never hurts to just talk.

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